Visual application building in SharePoint is as much art as science

Application Designer CanvasIf you spend your time building solutions on SharePoint as I do, I’m sure you’ll agree there are far too many mouse clicks involved.  Click to open a page, click to add a webpart, click to configure said web part, click to test, click to change again, and so on.  All of this clicking is getting we business users nowhere fast.  It’s time to change the game.

A visual tool gives us the ability to see, imagine, and create.  Add a new page for data, drag it to where you want it, change your mind, and drag it again.  Fluid motion.  Creative inspiration.  Configuration of solutions within hours rather than days.  The Visual Application Designer from CorasWorks is where the art of creativity meets the science of SharePoint to aid you in delivering solutions.

It’s time to stop clicking and start solving.

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