The CorasWorks “Easy Button” – Dynamically Create PowerPoint Presentations

If you’re like thousands of other companies and government agencies that have Program/Project Management Reviews (PMRs), you’ve probably asked the following question:  “Couldn’t we just have a standard PowerPoint deck that everyone uses, that collects and presents the same information, so we see the same data and information, in the same format, for all projects?”

While this sounds like a simple solution of creating a standard PowerPoint template, that doesn’t solve all the problems.  The decks may all look the same, but the information and data is still all over the board–different data, different format, and so on.  And, putting the deck together becomes a nightmare of data calls and “hand jamming.”  By the time the presentation is finally delivered, the data is usually outdated and many times, as a result, tells the wrong story.  It makes it very difficult for the reviewers to get a holistic view of the projects.

We see this problem all the time.  As a result, we developed the CorasWorks “Easy Button.”  The Easy Button is a dynamic reporting capability that creates a PowerPoint deck from the data you have in SharePoint or other legacy systems.  It uses your PowerPoint template and a mark-up file to pull the data you want, in the format you want, and then populate the deck with it.

The result is that all the decks look the same and present the same information and data in the same format.

The Easy Button is an extension of our Project Management solution and can pull data from SharePoint or directly from your legacy data systems.  It significantly accelerates the time required to prepare the deck and also removes many of the errors created when manually building the deck.  Since the data in SharePoint and your other systems is “real time,” you know the deck is being built with the latest (and most accurate) information.

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