Build your own Task Tracker using Application Designer

As part of our ongoing work on the new CorasWorks Application Designer, we are releasing the first of a series of Solution Guides – documents that when combined with the Application Designer allow you to build targeted solutions you can configure to your needs.

The first one in this series is the Task Tracker guide – building your own simplified method of tracking tasks using SharePoint and the Application Designer.  You can see from the screen shots below there is a core set of functionality for your team to track tasks and actions, provide updates and reports, and keep everyone on your team on track.

Dashboard Metrics:

Full Dashboard

Clean and easy user interface:

4-4-2014 10-21-05 AM

Dynamic, automatic forms:

4-4-2014 10-22-00 AM

Interactive grids of data:

4-4-2014 10-23-17 AM

The best part…you put this all together yourself.  The guide takes CorasWorks features empowered using the Application Designer to put the solution together in just a matter of a couple of hours.

More Solution Guides are coming including:

  • Idea Capture
  • Time Off Requests
  • Document Approvals
  • Getting Work Done (by Eric Baughman, CorasWorks)
  • and more each month

Now’s your chance to get targeted, specific applications configured on SharePoint by the person you trust the most…yourself.  (With a little help from CorasWorks.)  Ask us today to learn more if you’re an existing customer or you want to become one!

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