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Prepared for change

After reading an article about the position social partners of Microsoft SharePoint are left in after the acquisition of Yammer I started thinking about the unique perspective CorasWorks has on changes in the SharePoint marketspace. CorasWorks has never been tied to a specific approach or solution when it comes to SharePoint and that means we can watch these kinds of shifts without disruption to our strategies and our business models.

We released a solution called CorasWorks Idea and Innovation Management to take advantage of the power of the CorasWorks platform on SharePoint, to provide social collaboration for teams, AND provide powerful management processes for turning those social ideas into business reality. The last item is the real differentiator. CorasWorks powered solutions focus on getting work done rather than just talking about it. Every solution we design leverages the capabilities of our platform and SharePoint to put the right information in front of the right people at the right time. Our platform was designed from the beginning to be flexible, adaptable, and limited only by the creativity of the user to find ways to apply it to business problems.

Companies that hitch their wagon to a single product, solution, or idea will always be subject to the whim of the marketplace. CorasWorks has made sure that no matter which way the wind blows, we'll be sailing in the right direction and helping our customers get to their destinations.


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