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CorasWorks Rolls Out New Release Model

With our launch of the new unified CorasWorks v11 platform, we are changing our approach to software releases. We are aligning much more closely with the typical Microsoft release approach that most of you are already familiar with. This is all made possible by v11. Gone are the days of having to do a full retraction, installation, and re-deployment of every new release. Once you move to v11, the only features you need deploy will be brand new components.

The structure of our releases moving forward is Release, Cumulative Update, and Service Pack. v11 is a major release and will be the base for years to come. However, with our new approach, we will very rapidly be able to address bugs/issues that do not affect the user interface and therefore do not expose new features to the end user. We will do this through a Cumulative Update. An update will be installed through an installer and will take approximately 5 minutes per server. The goal is to make it easy to install the updates and to ensure that IT organizations can approve the updates without the rigor that goes with new feature testing. The key with Cumulative Updates is that they are indeed cumulative, meaning that the most recent update will always include all the previous updates. So if you miss one along the way, no problem.

New features will be addressed through a Service Pack. The Service Pack releases will address items that require interface changes and will include all the Cumulative Updates that have been released prior to the Service Pack. Much like the update process, the Service Pack will be a quick, installer-based installation, but it will potentially include new components that will need to be deployed for the first time.

Much like Microsoft releases a new version of SharePoint every few years, CorasWorks will have future releases. However the v11 platform will be with us for the next few years. It will allow us to address issues more rapidly than ever before and make it easier for you to stay current with the latest updates.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me dnaselius@corasworks.net and we will be happy to assist.

CorasWorks Mobile Gateway (CMG)

In the run up to the release of the CorasWorks Mobile Adapter, I created mobile features for the CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management (PPM) application and the CorasWorks Help Desk application. The mobile features are very cool and make a subset of the application functionality available on mobile devices. Making use of the core platform capabilities, we are able to display and act on data across site and site collection boundaries. (This is found specifically in the PPM Portfolio mobile app.)

In our standard demo environment, we have multiple PMO, Portfolio and Project sites, as well as a Help Desk. In order to easily navigate to these various site on the mobile device, I needed a kind of mobile menu navigation. So I built one that is dynamically created based on the content in 2 SharePoint lists. Add a little branding and create a site template and now we have the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway (CMG).

What is the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway?

A CorasWorks site template that makes it possible for you to provide structured access to CorasWorks applications that are mobile enabled.

The CorasWorks Mobile Gateway uses Mobile Groups as the top level groupings under which Mobile Sites can be organized. This effectively provides a 2 level menu as an entry point (Gateway) to other sites.

View the video

Screen Captures


There are prerequisites to using the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway, specifically:

  • The CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset
  • The CorasWorks Mobile Adapter


This is being made available as an unsupported site template intended to provide additional value to our customers and to demonstrate the kind of functionality that is possible using CorasWorks technology.


Let me know what you think about the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway and the mobile functionality of the PPM and Help desk. With enough interest and support, we can move this forward into a more functional, fully supported application in the App Store.

Download the CMG Site Template here

Download the Quick Start Guide here

PPM v1.2 webcast just concluded

I just finished the first webcast for PPM v1.2. It was a fast-paced hour that scratched the surface of the functionality. The recording will be made available and I will post the link when it’s ready.

The next PPM webcast is 2/11/2010 at 2:00 PM EST. Click here for more information and to sign up for the webcast.

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