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CorasWorks Mobile Gateway (CMG)

In the run up to the release of the CorasWorks Mobile Adapter, I created mobile features for the CorasWorks Project Portfolio Management (PPM) application and the CorasWorks Help Desk application. The mobile features are very cool and make a subset of the application functionality available on mobile devices. Making use of the core platform capabilities, we are able to display and act on data across site and site collection boundaries. (This is found specifically in the PPM Portfolio mobile app.)

In our standard demo environment, we have multiple PMO, Portfolio and Project sites, as well as a Help Desk. In order to easily navigate to these various site on the mobile device, I needed a kind of mobile menu navigation. So I built one that is dynamically created based on the content in 2 SharePoint lists. Add a little branding and create a site template and now we have the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway (CMG).

What is the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway?

A CorasWorks site template that makes it possible for you to provide structured access to CorasWorks applications that are mobile enabled.

The CorasWorks Mobile Gateway uses Mobile Groups as the top level groupings under which Mobile Sites can be organized. This effectively provides a 2 level menu as an entry point (Gateway) to other sites.

View the video

Screen Captures


There are prerequisites to using the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway, specifically:

  • The CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset
  • The CorasWorks Mobile Adapter


This is being made available as an unsupported site template intended to provide additional value to our customers and to demonstrate the kind of functionality that is possible using CorasWorks technology.


Let me know what you think about the CorasWorks Mobile Gateway and the mobile functionality of the PPM and Help desk. With enough interest and support, we can move this forward into a more functional, fully supported application in the App Store.

Download the CMG Site Template here

Download the Quick Start Guide here

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