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App Publisher Spotlight: R3 Knowledge Base

This guest article is from Michael Friedenberg of R3 Business Solutions, a CorasWorks App Publisher. In addition to describing their Knowledge Base application, Michael mentions their use of the new Dynamic Filtering feature of the Workplace Suite. Very good stuff. 

David Smiley

Application Program Manager


Free R3 Business Solution App – Knowledge Base v1.1

R3 Business Solutions is releasing a Knowledge Base application which allows you to create and manage knowledge base articles for your employees, customers, or partners. It can be used for many different purposes such as providing customer support for products or services, training of new employees, or sharing partner documentation. Administrators create and publish knowledge base articles that can be reviewed by the appropriate individuals before being published. One or more documents can be attached to any article. Once published, users can quickly and easily locate and retrieve articles based on a title, category, or one or more key words. Once a user finds the relevant articles, they can be viewed or emailed to anyone. When an article is no longer applicable, it can be archived. The archived article will remain in the system but will only be available to administrators. Archived articles can be updated and published again.

One of the new Workplace Suite features is Dynamic Filtering. Our Knowledge Base application takes advantage of this by feature by allowing users to enter information into a display such as a search box. Whatever is entered is passed to one or more CorasWorks displays using the URL. It works with Grid, Calendar, and Chart displays.

In the example shown below, the grid display is being filtered to show information based on what a user enters in the search string box. It searches and returns articles that contain what the user entered within the title, category, or one or more key words.

The Knowledge Base application runs on the Workplace Suite version 10.2 or higher. It also uses the Workplace ID Generator v1.6 which is available for free in the App Store.


For more information about R3 Business Solutions and our applications, please click here to visit our website.

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