Smart Process Applications and CorasWorks

by Gary Voight, CorasWorks President and CEO

Someone recently sent me an April 2013 Forrester report on Smart Process Applications, and suggested it sounded like a CorasWorks story.  That person was right on!  One of the points Forrester makes is that Smart Process Applications help CIOs improve human-based business processes.  The report describes the differences between Transactional process apps and Smart process apps by applying a scale of none-to-high levels of human involvement (Smart Process apps are high human involvement). Forrester identifies several software vendors in this space.  Sadly, CorasWorks is not listed.  Surprisingly, neither is Microsoft, even though SharePoint should meet those criteria.

Although I could feel insulted by Forrester for not including CorasWorks, I’m excited about the possibility of an analyst firm actually reporting on this space.  CorasWorks refers to this space as Work Management, and has products, including our CorasWorks Software Platform (v11), that are designed to address these types of apps.  We have been creating….or helping our customers create….”smart process apps” for more than 10 years.  Forrester lists the following examples of smart process apps:

-          Talent Management

-          Client Onboarding

-          Claims Processing

-          Contract Lifecycle Management

-          Customer Service

-          Field Service Management

-          Supplier Risk and Performance Management

-          Project Portfolio Management

-          Marketing Campaign Management.

Since 2003, CorasWorks’ customers have built…or had us build….these exact types of applications.  We could also add applications like purchase request management, capture and proposal management, task order management, product life cycle management, and many more.  In general, CorasWorks software and services have been deployed for many program management type applications…..which encapsulate pretty much all of the “smart process apps” referenced by Forrester.  It’s great to see an industry analyst recognizing this space.  Now, we simply need to educate them on CorasWorks!


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