SharePoint 2010 Service Pack and Cumulative Updates

A frequent question to the CorasWorks Support team concerns SharePoint 2010′s Service Pack and Cumulative Updates.  Users would like to know if the CorasWorks PPM solution, Cim solution, and v11 Platform are compatible with these updates.

CorasWorks has been testing the SharePoint 2010 Service Pack, June Cumulative Update, and August Cumulative Update.  We haven’t found any problems nor issues requiring changes to the solutions or the Platform components.  Similar feedback has been received from users who have already installed the Service Pack and cumulative updates.  Please feel free to install these updates into your CorasWorks-based SharePoint 2010 environments!

Of course, the SharePoint 2010 environment is a complex one with many variations.  If you run into any unexpected behavior following the installation of a Service Pack or Cumulative Updates, report the behavior to the CorasWorks Support team.


CorasWorks Support

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