Maximizing your CorasWorks ROI

Posted by Art Gelwicks, Solutions Consultant

I spend the majority of my time talking with people about ways they can use CorasWorks solutions to improve their business operations, data management, content distribution, and more.  One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the number of times I have the discussion, “What else could we do with CorasWorks?”

Here’s an analogy I think sums up this question’s perspective fairly well.  Picture going into your local mega-grocery store stocked with all types of ingredients and products.  Now picture, with all those resources at your finger tips, that you are going to only make one dish.  It may be a wonderful dish that people rave over but still it’s the only dish you’re going to make.  Over and over, only one dish.  No matter how much you are interested in the other flavors and ingredients in the store, still, only one dish.  It’s very much the same for customers who look to CorasWorks to provide a single solution.  Now, we can do an excellent job on that one solution, meeting your business needs quickly and efficiently, but why would you ever want to limit yourself in that way?

Having the inspiration to view all the ingredients at your disposal and then apply them in creative combinations to meet the wants and needs of your audience is the key to success with CorasWorks.  One solution gets you great value for your dollar.  But imagine if, for that same dollar, you could get solution after solution.  Now what is the return on your investment?

Many times this is where the conversation takes an interesting turn.  As we talk, I find people often have mixed emotions about all this potential with the CorasWorks platform.  They see all the capabilities for their needs but they’re overwhelmed with where to start.  When learning to cook, some take the ingredients and just dive right in with trial and error until they get something they like.  Many purchase a cookbook and try to follow the recipes without the prerequisite skills, eventually winding up with something edible but wondering if it could be better.  Others take a cooking class to learn from experts and finally still more will just let someone else do the cooking for them.  These are all options with CorasWorks, since CorasWorks isn’t just a collection of code and features, but rather an entire company of experts focused on helping you get the most out of your CorasWorks investments.

So here’s the choice…will it be grilled cheese and Ramen every night or will you sate the appetites of your users with something a little more satisfying?

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