It’s All About Visibility, Part 1

Posted by Gary Voight, CorasWorks President and CEO

Practically all organizations are striving for increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.  The United States Federal Government is focused on this as most agencies expect to have 20%-40% lower operating budgets, particularly in the Department of Defense (DoD).  We have one customer approaching this by striving to make each project more visible so they can ultimately reduce or eliminate redundancies, and likely merge or reduce projects.  The method they are using is to enforce a common set of metrics for each project and create a set of charts that report on performance.  These charts are really a “business intelligence” application.  CorasWorks is building that solution.

It’s all about visibility. It is practically impossible to safely reduce costs, projects, et al, without knowing what is being worked and why.  Large organizations almost always have redundant activities.  This is not intended to be a negative statement.  It is just a fact and is a natural phenomenon.  However, if an organization wants to find ways to reduce costs they must have visibility into the cost components. The straightforward step of having each project report on a common set of metrics is an important first step toward safe cost reduction and greater operational efficiency.

This same customer is also implementing the CorasWorks Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software so that the charts will be automatically generated.  Yet another advantage of having the common tool is that this organization can retire other products and benefit from additional cost reductions.

Interestingly, CorasWorks has another prospect using the same methodology to reduce operational expense.  Over the past several years this firm has acquired many companies and inherited many ongoing projects.  This means they have a diverse set of projects and project-related systems, making it difficult to get common metrics across all the projects.  Without this visibility, it is difficult to understand the project environment, identify redundancy and inefficiencies, and make appropriate decisions regarding the costs of projects and staff.  They are taking the same approach as our Federal Government client, and it all starts with visibility.  We have not yet won this prospect’s business, but we believe we can add great value to their efforts and hope to report on this soon.

The combination of business intelligence and project management is a great use case for SharePoint.

I’ll share more of my thoughts on this topic next time in It’s All About Visibility, Part 2.


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