Grants Management on SharePoint

Posted by Gary Voight, CorasWorks President and CEO

I was looking at a Grants Management product that happened to be Java-based.  The company selling the solution has had considerable success. They were proud that they tend to get a minimum of $250,000 per sale, and have booked deals at over $ 1million.

CorasWorks has recently delivered a comprehensive grants management solution for a foundation based in Africa.  The solution is built on SharePoint using the CorasWorks Platform (v11) software. The Grants Management solution tracks both sides….the applications to request grants, and the process for awarding grants.  For the awarded grants, we built significant tracking and reporting so the grantors can track how money has been distributed, as well as progress against stated goals.

CorasWorks built the Grants Management solution, trained the customer and supported the production go-live launch for less than $150,000.  That included our products, professional services, training, and travel (and it’s not easy getting to and from Africa).  Did we leave too much on the table, or are we just a much better value?

Grants Management is a great use case for SharePoint.  It is clearly a collaborative work management process, and often has some document management requirements.  A multi-step “stage-gate” process is the core of the solution…which is what CorasWorks generally builds.  These processes are incredibly compatible with SharePoint strengths.  The Grants Management solution delivered for our African customer also uses our mash-up features to aggregate data from multiple sources (SharePoint lists, databases, web-based public data) so that we can generate charts, maps, and other displays.

Why pay more?


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