Solutions for Sharepoint – Buy, Build or Better?

Posted by Art Gelwicks, CorasWorks Solutions Consultant

Customers often come to us looking to “buy” a solution to their business process improvement problems. They confuse the idea of getting a solution in short order, deployed rapidly, and generating benefits as something that needs to be shrink-wrapped and off-the-shelf. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The dilemma comes in when we start talking about “building” a solution.

Most software consulting companies “build” solutions from the ground up, writing code in development environments after long periods of discovery and protracted testing and revision. By the time many of these so-called solutions are complete the requirements have changed and they’re obsolete. Only with CorasWorks can you have the speed and ease of “buy” with the power and flexibility of “build.”

Work the Solution

Photo credit: / GNU Free Documentation License

Photo credit: / GNU Free Documentation License

The idea is a simple one. Use predefined, proven structures to configure the solution you need around your business process definition. When a house is built and the lumber is purchased, you don’t get a tree and an axe. You get pieces cut to standard dimensions, ready for you to shape based on your plans and needs.

Solutions configured using CorasWorks don’t:

  • require coding.
  • require starting from scratch.
  • assume to know everything about your needs before asking as single question.
  • require lots of separate pieces.

CorasWorks solutions:

  • get you going faster based on defined capabilities that are adaptable to your requirements.
  • are flexible and adaptable even after completion.
  • rely on proven software rather than untested code.

The next time you think you need to “buy” a solution to improve a business process, think carefully. Is there really a company out there who has already built something meeting all your possible needs? If so, consider yourself lucky. If not, consider something better.

Art Gelwicks is a CorasWorks customer turned evangelist and solution consultant. Art provides a perspective on identifying ready solutions powered by CorasWorks that can be accomplished without extensive technical knowledge while still meeting the business need.

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