Business Process Improvement and SharePoint

Business Process Improvement is more than just flowcharts and workflows. BPI is also about using the right technology in the right way. You make your business operations execute in a more efficient manner, streamline communications, and promote visibility to the key decision makers, all without having to use some software vendor’s idea of what your business solution should look like. The challenge comes from balancing the quick reward of going out and “buying” something vs. the long term flexibility and adaptability of “building” to solve your needs and problems. A better answer is to invest in a solution with the ease of a “buy” and the flexibility of a “build.” What you need is…

The Application Cure for Business


Understanding how to translate this type of “buy/build” solution in your business process environment comes from understanding some of the ways your processes turn into usable solutions. An excellent example of how this can happen is…

Using Stage Gate Processes for more Effective Collaborative Work


Time is money as the saying goes and keeping that in mind your solution technology should deliver quickly without requiring a huge investment of time and resources to begin reaping a return on your expenditures. An excellent example of that is how a solution based on David Allen’s, “Getting Things Done” methodology was constructed in under two days with no coding involved.

GTD – A SharePoint App in less than Two Days


Once you start to define and design your new business solutions, making sure your users take to them quickly and begin seeing value is key to your long term success. It’s important to provide a focus on….

Driving SharePoint User Adoption


Your new business solutions, once implemented and running will help your management teams increase their insight into ways to continue improving your business processes. In the end…

It’s All About Visibility – Part 1
It’s All About Visibility – Part 2


It sounds great to have this kind of potential, but potential needs to turn into success. Confidence in your solution can come from understanding what others have done using the same technology to address their business process improvement needs. For example…

Grants Management
Compliance Management
Mastering the Core Federal Government Work Stream


This would be the time to learn more about how you can take charge of your business processes, define the tools and solutions you need to get them under control, and provide the information necessary to your teams for long-term success. Contact CorasWorks today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and show you how your business process solution is closer than you thought.


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