A Change is in the Air

Big things are happening at CorasWorks.  Big things.  The kinds of things making a difference in how you build solutions and solve problems at work.  Yes, that kind of big.  You see, CorasWorks has changed the landscape when it comes to building solutions on SharePoint.

The CorasWorks Application Designer is all about taking the feature rich world of the CorasWorks platform and putting it in the hands of power users, ready to produce business and organizational solution in a timely and effective manner.  You have always been able to leverage the power and simplicity of CorasWorks features in your SharePoint sites, but now it’s easier than ever before.

The Application Designer takes CorasWorks and SharePoint features and adds a visual design canvas plus drag and drop efficiency to building single site solutions.  But the power doesn’t end there.  Even though the Application Designer focuses on single sites, the CorasWorks Solution Platform which makes all this possible still provides that tried and tested aggregation across multiple sites, site collections, and beyond.

We’re dedicating this blog to sharing more about the Application Designer over the coming months.  If you’re already a CorasWorks customer, make sure you contact us so you can get your copy of the Application Designer installed and running.  If you’re not a customer yet (what ARE you waiting for?) contact us and we’ll get you on the path to building SharePoint based solutions using CorasWorks in no time.

To help you understand more about what the Application Designer can do for you, I’m going to run a five part series right here on how to build your own Task Tracker using the Application Designer.  By the time you read the last post you’ll be able to have your own Task Tracker up and running in just a couple of hours.  This is only the beginning.  After the Task Tracker we will release more Solution Samples; starter kits of directions to build your own solutions of various types and needs.

Keep checking back here or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay in the loop as we explore the power and capability that is the CorasWorks Application Designer.

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